Another great workday!!

Planting Potatoes

March 21st, 2015:
A fine Equinox festivity took place on the land! A group gathered for a Medicine Walk for four hours in the afternoon, quietly gathering their collective spirit and individually walking the west end of the land. Another group proceeded to the far east side to flag new trail and continue clearing on the trail segment that parallels McGowan Creek.

Workday Report

January's workday got us from scratch to an almost-ready-to-go garden, thanks to Randy's thorough planning and preparation and a lot of good work through the day by Randy, Paul, Geri, Susie, Anthony, Rachel, Matt, and Donna. Tall cedar corner posts were dug into the ground and cross-braced; metal posts driven in between; fence and wire mounted high and low; soil tilled and compost carted in. Along the way we even had Hart's Mill's first Iwo Jima moment, as you can see from the attached photo.

Winter Work Day - 1/19/15

Dear Hart’s Mill Members & Friends, and other interested people!

You are hereby invited to a major day on the land at Hart's Mill Ecovillage on Monday, 19 January — MLK Day. It seems like the right kind of thing to do on a day devoted to building peace and justice!

Workday Report

Dear Hartsmiling friends:

Thanks for everyone who could make it for a fine workday yesterday! Many people worked hard, mostly all day: Randy, Paul, Kyle, Colleen, Joe (Colleen's cousin), Rita, Sheffa, Rachel, Peter, Ann-Michelle, and me; with Hope and Amy and Molly (our daughter) able to join for potluck and fire time. Our BIG accomplishment was to finish the Far Field Connector Trail (which is #3 on the attached map pdf — the same one I sent before, but with the completed section now marked over in purple — yay!!). Indeed we took it from a mere blazed route to a usable trail! I also put together some footbridges out of planks, and Rita and Rachel nailed on some mesh fencing for traction and set them into place — a photo of one over the outlet stream (which really needs a name) is attached too. Then a fine fire and fellowship. Beautiful weather too!

Right on — let's do it again!


Workday Gratitude

Many thanks to everyone who showed up for the workday, tours, potluck, camping, etc. on Sunday 10/26! Seventeen people took part total over the course of the day, including two potential members on the tour. Paul and Anthony started the day with mowing, mower maintenance, and weed-whacking to get the main areas ready. When Stephen and Andrea and Donna arrived, we moved over to the newly-tilled wildflower field and started sowing (mix of the bee-forage wildflower mix and leftover clover seed from last year) while also carrying down the kayak and starting to plumb the pond.